John “vito” DeAngelis Chairman, Gunsmithing Committee

 7-9527; 303-730-3459    [outside file]



1992 Precision Shooting Annual, Volumes I & II

1993 Precision Shooting Annual, Volumes I & II

1995 Precision Shooting Annual

A Varmint Hunters Odyssey by Steve Hanson

Accurizing The Factory Rifle by M.L. McPherson

Action Shooting Cowboy Style by John Taffin

American Gunsmith Journal, August ’99 to present

Ammunition Making by George E. Frost

Basic Gun Repair

Beartooth Bullets Technical Guide by J. Marshall Stanton

Big Bore Rifles and Cartridges

Big Bore Sixguns by John Taffin

Black Powder Hobby Gunsmithing by Sam Fadala & Dale Story

Cartridges of the World, 6th Edition by Frank C. Barnes

Complete Guide to Handloading by Phillip B. Sharp

Cowboy Action Shooting by Charly Gullett

Digest of Shotgun Gunsmithing by Ralph Walker

Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing by Jim Carmichel

Extreme Rifle Accuracy by Mike Ratigan

Firearms Pressure Factors by Dr. Brownell

Gibb's Cartridges by Rocky Gibbs

Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly - Part I: Automatic Pistols; Part II: Revolvers; Part III: Rimfire Rifles; Part IV: Centerfire Rifles; Part V: Shotguns; Part VI: Law Enforcement Weapons  by J. B. Wood

Gun Digest Book of Riflesmithing by Jack Mitchell

Gun Owner’s Book of Care, Repair and Improvement by Roy Dunlap

Gun Parts Catalog (Numrich) #24, #31

Gunsmith Kinks, Volumes I, II, III & IV by Bob Brownell

Gunsmithing At Home by John E. Traister

Gunsmithing The Tricks of the Trade by J. B. Wood

Gunsmithing Tips and Projects by the editors of Wolff Publishing

Gunsmithing: Pistols and Revolvers by Patrick Sweeney

Gunsmithing: Rifles by Patrick Sweeney

Gunsmithing: Shotguns by Patrick Sweeney

Handloaders Bullet Making Annual, Volumes I & II

Handloaders Digest, 11th Edition

Handloaders Digest, 12th Edition

Hatcher's Notebook by Julian S. Hatcher

Highpower Rifle by David Tubb

Hobby Gunsmithing by Ralph T. Walker

Home Gunsmithing Digest, 3rd Edition, by Tommy Bish

Jacketed Performance With Cast Bullets by Veral Smith

Learn Gunsmithing: The Troubeshooting Method, by the editors of American Gunsmith

Mauser Bolt Rifles by L. Olson

Mauser M98 & M96 by Walsh

Norma Reloading Manual 1st Edition

NRA Gunsmithing Guide, Updated

Practical Gunsmithing by the editors of American Gunsmith

Precision Shooting With the M1 Garand by Roy Baumgardner

Precision Shooting: At 1000 Yards by Editors of Precision Shooting Magazine

Rifle Accuracy Facts by Harold Vaughn

Shoot Where You Aim by the editors of American Gunsmith

Statistical Measures of Accuracy for Rifleman & Missile Engineers by Frank E. Grubbs

The Accurate Varmint Rifle by Boyd Mace

The Classic M1 Garand by Jim Thompson

The Colt .45 Automatic Pistol Shop Manual, Volume I by Jerry Kuhnhausen

The Colt Double-Action Revolver Shop Manual, Volumes I & II, by J. Kuhnhausen

The Colt Single-Action Army Peacemaker Shop Manual, Volumes I & II, by J. Kuhnhausen

The Combat Auto by Bill Wilson

The Competitive AR15 the mouse that roared by Glen D. Zedicker

The Complete Book of the .22  by Wayne Van Zwoll

The Complete Guide to AR-15 Accuracy by D. Martin & B. Tilllman

The Farnam Method of Defensive Shotgun and Rifle Shooting by John S. Farnam

The Glock in Competition by Robin Taylor

The Handloader's Manual to Cartridge Conversion by John J. Donnelly

The M1 Does My Talking by Robert Bruce

The Mauser Bolt Action Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen

The Remington 870 & M1100/M11-87 Shotgun Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen

The Rifle Shooter by David Tubb

The Ruger .22 Automatic Pistol by Duncan Long

The Ruger 10/22 by William E. Workman

The Ruger Double-Action Revolver Shop Manual, Vol. 1, by J. Kuhnhausen

The Ruger Single-Action Revolver Shop Manual, Vols. 1 & 2, by J. Kuhnhausen

The S&W Revolver Shop Manual by Jerry Kuhnhausen

The SKS Type 45 Carbines by Duncan Long

The Sturm Ruger 10/22 Rifle and .44 Magnum Carbine by Duncan Long

The U.S. .30 Caliber Gas Operated Carbines Shop Manual, Vol. III by J. Kuhnhausen

The U.S. .30 Caliber Gas Operated Service Rifles Shop Manual, Volumes I & II by J. Kuhnhausen

The U.S. M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Shop Manual, Volume II by Jerry Kuhnhausen

The Ultimate Ruger 10/22 Manual and Users Guide by Mark White

Thompson Submachine Guns, 5 Complete Manuals by Desert Publications

Troubleshooting Your Handgun by J. B. Wood



  • Dillon media separator
  • Lee bullet hardness testing kit
  • Oehler Model 35 chronograph
  • Oehler Model 33 chronograph
  • RCBS case cleaner (uses dry media)
  • RCBS media separator
  • Saeco/Redding bullet hardness tester
  • Thumbler’s Tumbler Model B case cleaner (uses wet solutions)
  • Ceramic porcelain polishing media (for wet solution cleaning)
  • Walnut shell cleaning media



  • Headspace gauges;

Go, No-Go, and Field for .223

Go, and No-Go for 7.62x39

Go, No-Go, and Field for .308 (which also handles .243)

Go, No-Go, and Field for .30-06 (which also does 25-06, 6.5-06, 270, 8mm-06, 338-06, and 35 Whelan)

Go, No-Go, and Field for 8x57 (8mm Mauser)

Go, and No-Go for 9mm Luger

Go, and No-Go for .40 S&W

Go, and No-Go for .45 ACP

  • Willliams front sight pusher
  • 10/22 receiver drilling jig with .257 diameter drill bit
  • 1911 plunger tube staking support
  • 1911 plunger tube crimper
  • Cerrosafe casting alloy
  • Lyman digital electronic trigger pull gauge
  • AR-15 handguard removal tool
  • Scope ring alignment & lapping kit, 1”
  • Extractor force gages: 9mm, .38 Super, 10mm, .45 ACP
  • B-Square Remington 700 extractor installation tool