Bill Smith, Director

1170 Krameria St.



Thanks for your interest in voice/speech or voice-over training.  YOUR COACH: Bill Smith, director of The Acting Studio, has worked in stage, screen and broadcast  for 40 years. He is a member of SAG/ AFTRA and earned an M.F.A. in Directing from Ohio University School of Theatre. From 1972 to 1977, he studied with (and was certified as a master teacher through) Arthur Lessac, the renowned innovator of a voice and speech system for stage and broadcast actors.  Here's what's available at The Acting Studio.


    VOICE/SPEECH: Correction of voice/speech problems: nasality, regionalism's, sibilant s's, and problems in diction, projection, placement, etc. Recommended text is "Use and Training of the Human Voice" by Arthur Lessac, but techniques also draw from Kristin Linklater, Alan Stern, Cicely Berry, and (of course) Smith.

    STAGE DIALECTS: Dialect Training in everything  from British, Irish, Scots, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German to Bronx, Southern, Cajun, Texan, Mid-Western and Yankee. Training and tapes are derived from Machlin, Blunt and Stern.

    VOICE-OVER: Voice-over is the most lucrative market of the talent game. A  survey of top commercial money-makers shows that 3% are on-camera, 6% are singers and 90% are voice-over talent. Breaking into voice-over is another matter. Just to get your foot into the door, you need a demo tape of 15 samples of unique narrative and character types - skillfully packaged to entertain casting directors and talent agents. Covered in training:

    * Mike Technique, Interpretation & Characterization
    * How to be "real and conversational"
    * How to "smile", "punch", "toss-away" and "color" your voice
    * How to market yourself
    * The Demo:  Coaching and copy editing

Whether you're a novice or an experienced talent with a VO demo tape that just isn't cutting it, coaching will help you develop audition skills and a marketable demo tape  (cost-effectively) to get the job. FEES: Private coaching is available at $80 per hour or $200 for 4 one hour sessions.